New version: 1.2.14

Added by Lukas Roedl over 5 years ago

We are happy to release a new version of HOMER Core project.
Numerous bugfixes have been added. Here is a list of major changes:

- Ticket #169: Update maven-bundle-plugin to version 2.5.4 due to baseline functionality
- Ticket #170: Loading of scenario fails if no database connection is available
- Ticket #294: Persisting configuration fails when drawing a new flat
- Ticket #279: Implement positioning service to request current position/room
- Ticket #282: RabbitMQ username wiring
- Ticket #283: Add layers in GUI
- Ticket #284: Simulator doesn't work for doors that are placed in diagonal walls
- Ticket #285: Add support for mouse wheel eg. for zooming
- Ticket #286: Display message in console when no database connection is available
- Ticket #287: Metatype descriptions not shown correctly in WebConsole
- Ticket #288: Update common dependencies and remove unused ones
- Ticket #289: Remove DOSGi installer and feature
- Ticket #290: NullPointerException in DataAccessProvider
- Ticket #291: Enhance DataAccessProvider to cleanly shutdown when bundle is destroyed and connection is still loading
- Ticket #292: ClassCastException after importing scenario template due to changed event ids
- Ticket #293: Add support for sqlite on ARM systems using hard float
- Ticket #295: UnsupportedOperationException when checking WebSocket Authentication
- Ticket #296: Fix database revision in creation scripts
- Ticket #297: Provide functionality to initialize new db via shell command
- Ticket #299: Scenario is shown even when already deleted
- Ticket #302: Centered Zoom-In, Zoom-Out, Selected Zoom
- Ticket #304: Scenario-Editor Initial State
- Ticket #305: Editors save indication
- Ticket #306: Editors delete icon
- Ticket #307: Scenario editor selection and deletion
- Ticket #308: Enable incrementing the value of a SystemState in ChangeSystemStateAction
- Ticket #309: Ignore invalid events and actions when importing a scenario
- Ticket #311: PUT method on URL action needed ( HTTP request )
- Ticket #312: Mode Buttons in Flat Designer do not always show the current Mode
- Ticket #313: Disable drawing of transitions when not clicked on a state
- Ticket #314: Simulator doesn't use the time selected in the time picker
- Ticket #315: Upgrade to Karaf 2.3.11
- Ticket #316: Add tool to measure distances to normal and simulator view
- Ticket #317: Enable reload of modified scenarios to revert changes
- Ticket #319: Activation range of HumanGraphic in Simulator
- Ticket #321: Enable usage of different date/time formats when exporting data
- Ticket #324: Option to choose data format in URL action
- Ticket #325: Enhance battery status presentation in outline panels
- Ticket #327: Upgrade sqlite-jdbc to version 3.8.9
- Ticket #328: Scrollbars not working correctly in scenario editor
- Minor fixes

See for a detailed list of fixed issues.

Download here:

You can find the subversion repository and a bug tracker at:

Hope you enjoy the new version!