New version: 1.2.16

Added by Lukas Roedl almost 5 years ago

We are happy to release a new version of HOMER Core project.
Numerous bugfixes have been added. Here is a list of major changes:

- Ticket #301: Wohnungseditor - Zeichenbereich
- Ticket #303: State of Actuators
- Ticket #350: Enable zooming with respect to the mouse position
- Ticket #351: Enable configuration of retries of DataAccess service start while database upgrade is running
- Ticket #352: Harmonize getters for name, title and value in various enumerations
- Ticket #354: Upgrade maven-bundle-plugin to version 3.0.0
- Ticket #355: Update plugins and dependencies to the latest versions
- Ticket #356: WebSocket client and server are not fault tolerant when using empty passwords
- Ticket #357: Can't delete anything in flat designer
- Ticket #359: Refactor model for reminders
- Ticket #360: Shell command console output
- Ticket #361: Actuator message aren't colorized in device message panel
- Minor fixes

See for a detailed list of fixed issues.

Download here:

You can find the subversion repository and a bug tracker at:

Hope you enjoy the new version!