New version: 1.2.31

Added by Lukas Roedl over 4 years ago

We are happy to release a new version of HOMER Core project.
Numerous bugfixes have been added. Here is a list of major changes:

- Ticket #377: Timestamps bei manchen SystemStates ist falsch
- Ticket #372: Upgrade to Karaf 4.0.5
- Ticket #375: Split up event processing and state machine implementation to ease interchangeability
- Ticket #376: Improve flat selection dialogue
- Ticket #384: unimod IllegalStateException
- Ticket #385: GUI NullPointerException removeElement
- Ticket #386: NullPointerException URL Action getStringResponse
- Ticket #387: GUI NullPointerException removeElement
- Ticket #388: Hardcoded path to log file
- Ticket #390: GUI NullPointerException ActionConfigPanel
- Ticket #391: Name eines Ereignisses geändert - im dropdown feld steht aber noch der alte Name
- Ticket #393: Snapping für gerade Linien im Flatplan?
- Ticket #394: Snapping auf bestehende Raumeckpunkte im Flatplan
- Ticket #395: URL Action Dialog speichert Auswahl nicht
- Ticket #396: Manchmal werden beim Starten nicht alle Szenarien in der Liste angezeigt (Szenario Editor)
- Ticket #397: Mit ESC Taste Dialoge beenden
- Ticket #399: Cleanup in system state panel doesn't remove header text
- Ticket #400: Optimize (re)packaging of HOMER
- Ticket #401: Remove current JDBC implementation and replace it with JDBC support provided by Karaf
- Ticket #402: ServiceUnavailableException at console
- Ticket #403: Clear up SystemStateBlackboard implementation from ConfigurationService
- Ticket #405: IllegalStateException when reloading scenario
- Ticket #406: Remove support for very old scenario files
- Ticket #407: Upgrade gettext plugin to version 1.2.4
- Minor fixes

See for a detailed list of fixed issues.

Download here:

You can find the subversion repository and a bug tracker at:

Hope you enjoy the new version!