New version: 1.2.32

Added by Lukas Roedl about 4 years ago

We are happy to release a new version of HOMER Core project.
Numerous bugfixes have been added. Here is a list of major changes:

- Ticket #379: Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden - Fehler beim Starten
- Ticket #381: Out of Memory Error
- Ticket #392: Triggerzeit eines Timers wird nicht immer gespeichert
- Ticket #404: Cannot save when only KNX address is changed for a device
- Ticket #408: Use ShellTable for commands instead of raw output
- Ticket #409: Could not find artifact
- Ticket #410: Class file for com.evelopers.unimod.runtime.EventProvider not found
- Ticket #411: Starting homer-core causes restart of the shell console
- Ticket #412: Enable Nimbus Look & Feel
- Ticket #413: Enable switching between windows even if maximized
- Ticket #414: device-control command doesn't work
- Ticket #415: Add command to send fake message for actuators and sensors
- Ticket #416: Add command to edit system states
- Ticket #418: Fix string conversion in data export
- Ticket #421: Homer realease doens't startup
- Ticket #422: Add ability to react on user changed events in FSM
- Ticket #423: Wrong coordinate ordering depending on database provider
- Ticket #424: Visualize coordinates when editing a room
- Ticket #425: Split up about window and system information
- Ticket #429: Split UserManager and shell commands
- Ticket #431: Show number of actions on transitions
- Minor fixes

See for a detailed list of fixed issues.

Download here:

You can find the subversion repository and a bug tracker at:

Hope you enjoy the new version!