New version: 1.2.51

Added by Lukas Roedl over 3 years ago

We are happy to release a new version of HOMER Core project.
Numerous bugfixes have been added. Here is a list of major changes:

- Ticket #157: Add example for bundle development with Scala
- Ticket #461: Exporting datasets fail
- Ticket #465: Zooming not working equally for all mouse devices
- Ticket #466: Ensure that no states can be overwritten
- Ticket #467: Provide Jenkinsfile to support pipeline builds
- Ticket #468: Clean up the XMLAdapter implementations
- Ticket #469: Switch JAXB implementation to Eclipse Moxy to solve namespace issues
- Ticket #470: Refactor XML processors
- Ticket #471: Cleanup features and delete unused ones
- Ticket #473: Missing field in device statusmessage events
- Ticket #475: Provide common code base for hardware abstraction implementations
- Ticket #476: Provide service for checking and reconnecting hardware links
- Ticket #477: Upgrade to Karaf 4.0.9
- Ticket #478: Upgrade GSON to version 2.8.1
- Ticket #479: SQL Error when querying non existent devices
- Ticket #480: Support device groups
- Ticket #481: Enable connection pooling for DataAccess Service
- Ticket #482: Titles and numbering wrong in pdf version of manual
- Ticket #483: Upgrade sqlite-jdbc to version 3.20.0
- Minor fixes

See for a detailed list of fixed issues.

Download here:

You can find the subversion repository and a bug tracker at:

Hope you enjoy the new version!