Core components of the HOMER AAL platform.
Implementation of a set of OSGi bundles for running the HOMER platform.

HOMER consists of an extendable graphical user interface which features configuration and design of the home environment including sensors and actuators, logging and monitoring panels. The GUI facilitates creation and maintenance of a floor plan and positioning and assignment of sensors.

A mapping components converting sensor data from various sensor network protocols to one central, standardized data model. This is essential for further data processing in terms of event recognition and reasoning.

Finite State Machine engine for rule-based reasoning over incoming sensor data. The Open Source project UniMod is integrated and extended with a graphical interface to enable easy to handle manipulation of individual state machines.

The HOMER platform is flexible in integration of various sensor networks through appropriate drivers, which can be Open Source or proprietary, depending on the field of application and availability. An OpenSource driver for KNX networks is currently under development within the universAAL project.

This software is part of the results of the nationally funded project NovaHome (Austria), developed by AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH.

Getting started

A short introduction how to start you can get reading the source:/trunk/README.txt


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