Description of the initial code base

The software project at hand represents the HOMER Core components (homer.core). This set can be further extended by other components (e.g. non open source) which are bundled under the term HOMER Core Extensions (homer.core.ext). Those extensions are e.g. proprietary drivers for sensor networks, graphical user interfaces for end users, more sophisticated statistics, speech processing and others. Information on existing extensions can be requested from the AIT development team.

HOMER Core software consists of a set of OSGi bundles:

Common (homer.core.common)

Provides basic data model for state machine scenarios and the database abstraction model.

Database (homer.core.database)

Provides database access functionality.

GUI (homer.core.gui)

Provides basic components for the graphical user interface, management of dynamic window components and functionality for configuration and monitoring of objects (floorplan, rooms, doors, sensors,…). Provides tools for graphical creation and editing of state machine scenarios.

IsoAgent (homer.core.isoagent)
Provides an implementation of the ISO 11073 standard including nomenclature, application profiles, device specializations (mainly 10471 Independent Living Hub) and communication structures.

Event processing (homer.core.processing.event)

Provides interfaces to and from the UniMod state machine engine. Manages loading and storing of state machine configurations. Additional features like sensor input simulator and playback of existing sensor data sets.

unimod (homer.core.unimod)

Encapsulates the core package of the UniMod state machine open source project (com.evelopers.unimod.core). UniMod runtime environment.


HOMER flatplan with sensors:
HOMER flatplan with sensors

HOMER path tracking:
HOMER path tracking

HOMER state machine configuration:
HOMER state machine configuration

Architecture of hardware integration

HOMER hardware integration schema based on OSGi and ISO 11073 standard
HOMER hardware integration schema based on OSGi and ISO 11073 standard

NovaHome Project (Austria)

Energy monitoring live data from NovaHome (german page)

The diagrams show consumed energy of the whole house per day/week/month/year compared to generated energy from solar panels on the roof.

Homer-flatplan_sensors-small.png View - HOMER flatplan with sensors (126 KB) Thomas Fuxreiter , 05/20/2011 09:50 AM

Homer-statemaschine-conf-small.png View - HOMER state machine configuration (191 KB) Thomas Fuxreiter , 05/20/2011 09:52 AM

Homer-pathtracking-small.png View - HOMER path tracking (158 KB) Thomas Fuxreiter , 05/20/2011 10:07 AM

HOMER_Hardware_Integration.png View - HOMER hardware integration schema based on OSGi and ISO 11073 standard (209 KB) Thomas Fuxreiter , 05/20/2011 10:28 AM